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Dec 30

Up for sale are 2 Coach bags and a Wristlet - ALL NEW WITH TAGS.

All are 100% authentic - Have Coach panthlets, in it, Coach tags, etc… 

100% suede Camel Bag - new with tags $100 //FS8A26 B4/CA (tag)

Small Handbag, White with Coach logo, and colorful pattern $90 //FS8815 SV/2M (tag)

Brown Patchwork Wristlet $50 //FS6F33 B4MC (tag)

I can be contacted at: Jemmifire@yahoo.com if interested. Thanks!


Reblog if you think any of your followers would be interested, I REALLY want to sell these bags asap.

I’m the original owner, all are NEW WITH TAGS! <3

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